What to expect

After struggling for years to find her place in this life, Melly decided to create a safe space were neurodivergent can find some tools to improve their success! It started with the podcast The ADHD Melly Show and this event is a continuation of her work.


Amazing speakers will be gathering to motivate, empower and educate you!

Coffee and snacks

Enjoy fresh coffee, tea and water! Some snacks will also be available!


Discover products and services made by neurodivergents or our sponsors!

Networking event

End the conferences with a networking event! Meet people and have fun!

Enjoy a cocktail

Enjoy the networking event with a rum based cocktail!

Accessible location

The washroom and the conference and party room is accessible!

Our speakers

At this event, you will find ressources for neurodivergent and for allies! Inclusivity in the workplace will be also a very dominant subject this year! We wanted to add some resources for both job searchers and employers. 

With that said, our speakers are also going to talk about managing anxiety, build confidence and understanding ourselves better. 

Melly Moore

How to build a better confidence on social media

Pierre Bissonnette

How to include neurodivergent employees in the workplace!

Haeila Vroye

Adult diagnostic: understanding ourselves better

Julie Hutsebaut

How to get hired and get accommodations you need!

Sheri Jay

How to deal with Anxiety while being neurodivergent

Melissa St-Louis

Tearing down stereotypes – The first step towards neuroinclusion

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This event is open to all! You do not need to be neurodivergent to attend! Awareness, means sharing to anyone that wants to learn and understand neurodiversity! When you buy you will get the recorded (Replay) conferences (with caption in English and French) with a 360 camera to give you the perfect experience at home! You will also be able to have the PowerPoints and audio to listen anywhere you want! I will also be gifting you some exclusive promo-codes too!

Our sponsors

Thanks to our sponsor to make the event a success! Please send a email if you wish to sponsor our event!

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